The Tails at Heating Cats Pawblishing

CE Meow Simba: The Top Paw of the Scritchy post. Enjoys ordering the other tails around and demanding the meowjority of the catnip treaties and passing judgement on everyone.

- Update: It is with a great deal of sadness that we report the loss of our CE Meow on Friday, December 15'th 2023. Simba lead a long, happy life, full of adventure and friends and he will be greatly missed.

Edipurr Molly: Respawsable for ensuring that the furless one stays on task and inspurration for the description of Marsee's beautiful fur coat. 


Marketing Purrector Clara: Clara especially loves watching the prrrinter and making sure that the prrrages prrrrint apprrrroporiatly and especially loves all her followers on social media.

Chief Clawity Control Officer Max: Max opens and inspects all deliveries to ensure the books arrive in purrfect condition.

Honorary Heating Cat Dolly: Dolly is the inspurration for Buster, complete with the spot on her backside. Don't let her appearance fool you. She's one smart horse and has her tiny bi-ped pet well trained.

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