Book 2) The Pride of Little Flower

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Book two in the Tails of Little Flower series follows Jessica O'Neil (Little Flower) and the Chenzira family as they deal with the consequences of Jessica's rape while held in quarantine at the Agency and help her to find justice and the rights and freedoms her people deserve.

After two Earth years stuck in near isolation, Jessica is finally able to communicate with her captors, but she still needs answers. Why was her planet destroyed by giant alien cats, why was she held in captivity for so long, why is she being leashed, and why has she been forced to breed? What do they want with her and her unborn child, and what's happened to the rest of her people? Did any of her family survive the attack?

For the first time in her life, Marsee Chenzira has a friend, the tiny biped cub, in her family's care. More than anything she wants to help Little Flower recover from the trauma she's experienced, help her learn to speak again, and help to prove her sentience to the Council that believes the cub is nothing more than an animal. But the Council isn't the only one. Marsee's instinct sees Little Flower as yummy-smelling prey, too. Can Marsee figure out what's wrong with herself before she loses control completely and eats her best friend?

Jeran Chenzira finds himself in an impossible position. The tiny biped he's taken in as his ward wasn't just beaten by the male she was paired with. She was raped. Horrible enough on its own, her accusation and all of the evidence point to his partner, his partner's protege, and the entire Local Council as being complicit in that rape by putting the two together and stopping the hormone blockers. He has no doubt that the cub is sentient, especially now that they are able to communicate. Only granting her and her species the rights and freedoms they deserve means convicting his friends and family, a conviction that could mean sanctions for his people, the death of his friends and partner, or far, far worse, should the Senior Council go with precedent. To honor his oath means killing those he loves, but to do otherwise would sentence an entire sentient species to life as nothing more than an animal.

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