Book 1) The Tails of Little Flower


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Book one in the Tails of Little Flower series follows the journey of Jessica O'Neil and the Chenzira family as they deal with the consequences of the total annihilation of Earth by an asteroid.

The five members of the Consortium of Sentient Species came to Earth hoping to find a new sentient species to add to their consortium, only to arrive moments before an asteroid hit the planet. With only a few hours before the planet became completely uninhabitable, their diplomatic mission turned into a desperate attempt to try to save even a few of the endangered species.

What little information they have says that there was a sentient species on the planet, but no one knows if they've rescued them or not. After attempts at communication fail, the general consensus is that they did not rescue a sentient species, and funding by the Council is cut. They will do what they can to ensure those species survive but not at the risk of their own species. They will be kept in quarantine until such time as the scientists can determine if they are safe to interact with.

Jessica O'Neil prayed for a miracle that would allow her to pass her Spanish exam. Little did she know that it would come in the form of Earth's annihilation and her capture by mammoth-sized alien cats. Deaf from her injuries when her planet was destroyed, she's unable to communicate with her warden. Kept in isolation for what feels like years, she struggles to remain sane, find a way to escape her captivity and prove her sentience before it's too late. What do they want with her? She has no idea. Is she a prisoner, pet, zoo creature, or worse? When her isolation is finally over, and she's moved into a room with a male of her species, she finally knows. Breeding stock.

Myra Chenzira has been tasked with running the Agency and saving the last of the dying species of that distant world. She's convinced that the tiny bi-peds are indeed sentient, even though no one can figure out how they communicate, but she can't prove it because the Council has forbidden them from interacting with them. Her funding cut and prevented from giving them the care they need, she slowly watches her wards descend into madness from their isolation sickness. On top of that, everything they've learned so far indicates the species is short-lived. If they wait too long, they may lose any chance of saving them simply due to old age. Trapped in quarantine herself, she does all she can to save them, but at the same time, back home, her own family suffers from her long absence as her daughter shows signs of losing control of her hunting instinct.

Councilor Jeran Chenzira's first thought had been how to save the species from that distant world and keep his own safe and had recommended his partner's remote clinic as the choice for the quarantine facilities, only he hadn't fully recognized the hardship that would entail for himself and his family. Protecting those unknown species could put his own family and species at risk. When all signs lean towards them not being sentient, he wonders if he's doomed his own species to extinction by rescuing nothing more than a diseased animal?

When quarantine is finally lifted, Marsee Chenzira is gifted a small bi-ped for her Name Day, her first day as an adult. Only her hunter's instinct sees the cub as prey. It's all she can do to keep from eating the poor thing when it runs off, and Marsee has no idea what's wrong with her, why she couldn't stop herself from stalking her prey, or why she's hearing a voice in her head that insists on hunting the tiny creature. Can she save the cub from her isolation sickness, prove to the Council that the cub is not just smart but sentient as she's growing to believe, and at the same time avoid eating her?

* When not using your heating cat, make sure you properly store them on a high shelf or cardboard box. Failure to do so may result in objects being knocked off of tables or scratched as they attempt to return to their charging station.

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